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Stellate Ganglion Blockade


What is The Stellate Ganglion?


The Stellate Ganglion is a group of nerves at the base of your neck, which can be seen as a command center and helps regulate the body's “fight or flight” mechanism.


What does the procedure do?

When you block the stellate ganglion, you are blocking the sympathetic nervous system, thus providing relief in neuropathic pain. In a sense, SGB “reboots” the sympathetic nervous system to its pre-trauma state, similar to a computer reboot.

It is useful to:

  • Diagnose the cause of pain in the face and head, arms and chest
  • Manage pain in the head, neck, chest or arm caused by nerve injuries.
  • Reduce sweating in the face, head, arms and hands
  • Treat reflex sympathetic dystrophy, sympathetic maintained pain or complex regional pain syndrome, including phantom limb pain
  • Relieve symptoms of PTSD
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