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Iovera: Advanced Pain Management


Iovera°: Advanced Pain Management

We offer an innovative and effective solution for pain management - cryoanalgesia using the iovera° treatment. This cutting-edge procedure targets peripheral nerves, applying targeted cold to alleviate pain.

Whether you're preparing for surgery, recovering post-operation, or managing chronic pain, iovera° could be the breakthrough treatment you've been seeking.

What Is Cryoanalgesia?

Cryoanalgesia, or cryoneurolysis, is a technique where low temperatures are used to temporarily deactivate peripheral nerves, thus reducing pain. The procedure has been safely used for over 50 years, with a very low incidence of complications. By inducing degeneration, followed by natural nerve regeneration, it offers significant and extended pain relief and can be an integral part of a multimodal pain management strategy.

The iovera° Treatment

Our clinic uses the iovera° system, a state-of-the-art handheld device that has transformed cryoanalgesia. The device's small gauge probes and integrated skin warmer allow us to precisely target specific nerves while minimizing the risk to surrounding tissue. The iovera° treatment is FDA approved and can significantly reduce pain for up to three months.

Why Choose iovera° at Superior Pain Relief?

Minimally Invasive: Iovera° is a non-surgical procedure that takes relatively little time to complete, and not necessitate a significant recovery period.

Immediate Relief: Patients often experience pain relief immediately following the procedure - rapidly improving comfort and mobility.

Long-Lasting Effects: The effects of the treatment can last up to 90 days, which can be useful in its own right and can providing a significant window for pain reduction before or after a surgery without the constant need for pain medication.

Safety Profile: With minimal potential side effects, which may include temporary redness or mild discomfort at the treatment site, iovera° is a safe option for most patients.

Reduced Medication Dependence: By effectively managing pain, iovera° can decrease the necessity for opioids and other pain medications.

Who Can Benefit from iovera°?

The iovera° treatment is suitable for a diverse range of patients, including those preparing for orthopedic surgery, recovering from operations, and those with chronic pain or certain muscle movement disorders. Patients who have not found relief from other treatments like steroid injections may also find iovera° to be a good treatment option.

Iovera is often used, and particularly helpful for, pain relief associated with knee surgeries.

In our commitment to personalized care, we evaluate every patient's medical history and current health to ensure this, or any treatment we provide, is the right choice. However, individuals with certain vascular conditions, hematologic diseases, Raynaud's syndrome, or active infections may need alternative treatments.

Our Expertise

Our practice is dedicated to providing effective treatments for pain management. We stay at the forefront of medical advancements to ensure that you receive compassionate, competent, and state-of-the-art care.

With iovera°, we bring advanced, non-opioid pain relief options directly to our patients.

Iovera° treatments are provided by >, who is an expert in pain management and one of the few physicians in the greater Houston area trained to provide these treatments.>

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