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Sacroiliac Joint Injection


What is a Sacroiliac Joint Injection?


A SJI is designed to diagnose and treat pain and inflammation from sacroiliac joint dysfunction. Either too much or too little movement in one of the sacroiliac joints, which are located at the bottom of the spine on each side of the sacrum, can cause lower back pain and/or leg pain.


How does it work?

An injection in the sacroiliac joint usually has two goals: to confirm the sacroiliac joint as the source of the pain, and to alleviate that pain.The procedure begins with the patient lying on their stomach an injection of a local anesthetic.Then, using fluoroscopy (X–Ray Guidance), an anesthetic is slowly injected the sacroiliac joint to deliver medicine directly to the source of pain.If the local anesthetic provides immediate pain relief, it diagnoses the sacroiliac joint as the source of the patient's pain.


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